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Bling Bling (featuring Big Tymers, Hot Boys)


B.G. - Bling Bling(Ft. Hot Boys & Big Tymers)

"Bling Bling… Everytime I come around yo city Bling Bling… Pinky ring worth about fifty Bling Bling… Everytime I buy a new ride Bling Bling… Lorenzos on yokohama tires Bling Bling…"

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Lil Boosie
They Dykin


Lil Boosie- They Dykin

Lil Boosie was on of the first rappers to stand up for the LBGTQ community. He even says, “And If Boosie was a preacher, I’d marry y’all” but Macklemore is the one y’all want to put on a pedestal.

Lil Boosie»»Macklemore

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Ugh my boyfriend is mad at me for smoking at a rapper’s house like over two years ago. Come on.